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Jack & Aiden

By Lane Michael Stanley & Tova Katz

Accepting Video Submissions for both roles



Ground Floor Theatre is holding video auditions for the world premiere of Jack & Aiden written by Lane Michael Stanley and Tova Katz and will be directed by Trace Turner. This play is a world premiere of a brand new musical with an expected workshop in late summer/early fall. Jack & Aiden is about love lives, hookup apps, and discovering who we are; both in our relationships with others, and with ourselves.

Jack & Aiden is a small-cast relationship drama musical.  When Aiden first meets Jack, it’s through the transactional world of gay male hookup apps– Aiden’s first exploration since transitioning. But as the two spend more time together, things get complicated - they must navigate their grief, recovery and trauma and find out if they can hold one another’s human messiness. Jack & Aiden asks what it takes to open ourselves up to the profound joy and pain that come with truly being known.


GFT is seeking actors to fill all roles.

Auditions are continuing by video and we would like to see a 32-bar cut of your choosing and a short monologue.  This is a  nationwide search for an actor to play Jack or Aiden (travel expenses covered and only one actor may be non-local). Interested actors should send a video with 32 bars of a song and a short monologue to


All positions are paid an honorarium.


Ground Floor Theatre is committed to inclusivity and as such unless specifically called for in the script, we cast without consideration to ability, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, or shape.


Casting actors for all characters 


  • JACK (Cisgender man): Late 30s/Early 40s. Late 30s/Early 40s. Jack is a recovering addict and a regular on hook up apps. Charming, confident, a romantic. This role requires brief nudity and we will be working with an intimacy director respecting the actors boundaries.  If you have questions about this email lisa at

  • AIDEN (Transgender man): Late 20s/Early 30. Aiden is still coping with the loss of a spouse while also navigating the waters of gay dating. Anxious, an academic, guarded but with a big heart on the other side of those walls, also a romantic.


Performances will be November 30 – December 16, 2023, with rehearsals beginning in Late October/Early November. Workshop dates will be determined based on the actors’ and the creative team’s availability.


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