Aug 19 - Sept 4

When it rains in Austin, Texas, the best place to stay dry through the night is behind the theatre. Weather and circumstance bring together Mikey, Snake, Miss Candace, Motor, Mac, and Julie - all of whom are on the street for different reasons, here now to navigate their relationships, dreams, and often, survival.

rain falls special on me

Written by

Lane Michael Stanley

Directed by

Patti Neff-Tiven


Mikey                 Stan McDowell

Snake                 Steve Zapata

Miss Candace   Meredith O'Brien

Motor                Jack Darling

Mac                    Devin Finn

Julie                   Juleeane Villarreal

Roscoe               Bruiser

Scenic Design

Gary Thornsberry

Lighting Design

Jacqueline  Sindelar

Costume Design

Laura Gonzalez

Property Design

Patti Neff-Tiven

Sound Design

Anthony Williams

Graphic Design

Shannon Grounds

Intimacy Director

Andy Grapko

Production Stage Manager

Kelsey Moringy

Stage Manager

Astrid Rangel

Technical Director

Hank Kerston