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August 15 - 31

This play, devised by the all trans/non binary ensemble, tells the story of a 'found family' living together in the same house.  Together, they experience joy, sorrow, and conflict.  In TRANsom this family redefines the meaning and importance of community and overcoming personal grief & loss while fostering an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

Special Performances:

Aug 16 - Reception after  show

Aug 17 - Transgender Education Network of Texas benefit

Aug 22 - ASL Interpretation


Austin American Statesman
August 15, 2019

Photo by Dave Hawks Photograhy


Lead Writers

Libby Carr & Lane Stanley

Directed by

Lisa Scheps & Jess O'Rear

TRANSom FINAL poster for web.jpg
The Cast

Adrian Clark-----------------------Jordan

Deirdre Darling-------------------Bastion

Siri Gurudev-----------------------Margo

Jess O'Rear------------------------Max

Lisa Scheps------------------------Sandy

​​Elián Sweeten---------------------Laur

Alyssa Thompson----------------Carolyn

Scenic Design

Heather Jarmon

Lighting Design

Marissa Grace Johnson

Costume & Prop Design

Cindy Page

Graphic Design

Drew Riley

Production Stage Manager

Danielle Grisko

Big Thank you to our Production Sponsors

Susan McLeland & Joe Freeland, Jo & Jon Ivester,

Steven Tomlinson & Eugene Sepulveda, Bob Dailey,

Matt Pope & Kenley Reed, Allan Baker, Cookie Ruiz,

Heather & Nester Ho, Deirdre Walsh, Polly Strong,

David and Tamara Grisko, Judith & Richard Berkowitz

August 23, 2019

Photo by Dave Hawks Photograhy

CTX Live Theatre
August 24, 2019

Photo by Dave Hawks Photograhy

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