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The Voices of Donny Hathaway

April 22 & 23

On January 13th, 1979, the world lost Donny Hathaway, one of its greatest musicians and singers. In Robert King Jr.'s new thought-provoking musical, he introduces us to a side of Donny Hathaway we've never seen before. Donny's battle with the voices that haunted and tormented him were caused by paranoid schizophrenia.

The musical suggests that the night prior to Donny's jump off of the 15th story of the Essex House Hotel he had a conversation at the bar with a fictional character by the name of Pamela Robinson. Pamela asks Donny what songs he would perform if he knew that he had one last time to perform. Conjuring up a band we are taken into Donny's hallucination of that final concert.

After a successful run in Atlanta, Austinite Robert King Jr brings his musical back home to Austin!

Written by

Robert King Junior

Music by

Donny Hathaway


Pamela Miller


Robert King Jr

Pamela Miller

Courtney Williams

Candace Bellamy

Scenic Design

Gary Thornsberry

Lighting Design

Jacquline Sindelar

Production Stage Manager

Remy Joslin

Technical Director

Kellan diDonato

Graphic Design

Julia Zipporah

Robert King Jr. Interview With Steve Savage, April 21, 2022.(1)Artist Name
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